Re-Knitting the fabric of society.


These are the words that define Blackard Global, Incorporated.


The Company

The ideology and philosophy that powers it's mission

Vision. Strategy. Leadership.

Vision. Strategy. Leadership. These are the words that define Blackard Global, Incorporated. With a team of seasoned developers, strategic planners, architects, and investment partners, Blackard Global makes the extraordinary possible.

The company specializes in real estate design and development, consulting, and education resulting in a diverse array of highly valued assets from artistically restored old world hotels to luxury neighborhoods. The company builds progressive environments that offer a unique combination of retail, residential, and recreational spaces.

An unwavering attention to detail and craftsmanship, respect for the communities and the land served by the company’s projects, and a hands-on approach to property management ensures that every Blackard Global venture maximizes the returns for investors, buyers, and tenants.  These are the leadership qualities by which Jeffory Blackard steers the course of his company.

The company’s unique design strategies emphasize a key central point in the landscape while integrating the natural features specific to the environment.  Blackard Global is currently focused on building purpose-driven mixed-use villages devoted to catering to the needs of all those within the community.

The company’s immense and comprehensive knowledge of real estate development sets it apart from all others as they are dedicated to involving all aspects of the natural environment in the overall purpose of the development project.  Few other development firms employ the hands-on and detail-oriented approach that Blackard Global has so well perfected.