Re-Knitting the fabric of society.


These are the words that define Blackard Global, Incorporated.


The Founder

The life, passion and experience of Jeffory D. Blackard

Career: Past, Present & Future

PRE-VILLAGE (Circa 1981 – 1999)
Jeffory D. Blackard is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Blackard Global, Inc.  With his distinguished real estate development career now entering it’s 4th decade, Mr. Blackard is responsible for the completion of over 20 Master Planned Communities, comprised in excess of 15,000 single family home sites. During this time, Mr. Blackard has also developed various commercial projects: office parks, manufacturing facilities, retail/restaurant centers, schools, hotels and resorts, marinas, and golf courses. In conjunction with these developments, he also planned and executed the major corresponding infrastructure projects, including water and sewer treatment plants, rail systems, and bridges.

POST VILLAGE (Circa 1999 – Present)
The culminating efforts of the previous 30+ years of development and construction led to the creation of Adriatica, a $350 million plus development in McKinney, Texas. Adriatica is the re-creation of the Croatian fishing village, Supetar. This project serves as a prototype of the most revolutionary concept in real estate development, “NeoRetroism.” A broad and deep knowledge of real estate development, coupled with years of world travel and research, has allowed Mr. Blackard to become an expert on the evolution of community development. His unparalleled understanding of this evolution, from the rural community lifestyle, through the birth of cities, the exodus to the suburbs, and then the movement towards “New Urbanism,” gave rise to Mr. Blackard’s innovative philosophy of “NeoRetroism” – a veritable functioning, economically self-sustaining village.

Mr. Blackard’s goal is to revolutionize the design and development world by applying successful historic community characteristics to create a more sustainable and healthier world for future generations. Mr. Blackard is committed to protecting the environment and has been awarded the “National Wetland Conservation Award.” Mr. Blackard’s projects give meticulous attention to the needs of people with disabilities and physical challenges. He received the “Developer of the Year Award” by Accessology, a firm dedicated to accessibility for people with disabilities.

Mr. Blackard exhibits his passion for spreading the Gospel throughout the world by giving both his resources and time to charitable ventures. He founded Amazon Outreach to share the Gospel with the most remote regions of the Amazon Basin. He organized the construction of the Linda Esperança, a 30-meter riverboat equipped with medical and dental facilities, to provide aid to the most inaccessible native tribes. He is also involved with the Christian missions’ organization, e3 Partners, and has traveled to over 50 countries on 4 continents, compassionately ministering to a variety of people, from orphan children to Heads of State.

Mr. Blackard is an accomplished entrepreneur, having spearheaded numerous international ventures ranging from inventions of computer peripherals to printing for flexible packaging. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern University, with a major in Communications. He attended the University on an athletic scholarship in both basketball and track (as a decathlete) and was recognized as one of Northwestern University’s Top 100 Most Notable Graduates.