Re-Knitting the fabric of society.


These are the words that define Blackard Global, Incorporated.


The Philanthropy

The global impact of a humanitarion and conservationist

The Meaning of Charity

Mr. Blackard and his company place a premium on community and charitable service.  Their contributions include supporting local and international conservation initiatives, underwriting the visions of several global ministries, and funding global outreach programs to assist the under-privileged both at home and abroad.

Mr. Blackard founded Amazon Outreach to share the Gospel with the most remote regions of the Amazon Basin.  He organized the construction of the Linda Esperança, a 100-foot riverboat equipped with medical and dental facilities, to provide aid to the most inaccessible native tribes.

He is also involved with the Christian missions’ organization, e3 Partners, and has traveled to over 50 countries on 4 continents, compassionately ministering to a variety of people, from orphan children to Heads of State.  His commitment to protecting the environment is evidenced by his receipt of the “National Wetland Conservation Award.”

Mr. Blackard’s projects give meticulous attention to the needs of people with disabilities and physical challenges. He has received the “Developer of the Year Award” by Accessology, a firm dedicated to accessibility for people with disabilities.

Finally, Mr. Blackard enjoys speaking on business and leadership skills to social, political and business groups, organizations and universities around the world. He makes himself available to groups both small and large and speaks on a range of topics from: politics to real estate development in the 21st century.


Mr. Blackard has been devoted to aiding his fellow-man for over 30 years and in over 20 countries.  He learned the value of practicing benevolence during his college years. While participating in Northwestern University’s acclaimed basketball program, he started the Central Illinois Collegiate Basketball League.  Mr. Blackard is a committed contributor to the following charitable organizations: Partners:  e3 Partners equips Christians with the training and tools they need to make a lasting impact in the world. Every year, e3 sends thousands of people on hundreds of short-term mission trips that address critical social issues, promote the Gospel, and establish new churches in unreached communities. Am Second:  I Am Second is a movement meant to inspire people of all kinds to live for God and for others. While a small team from e3 Partners coordinates the creation, production, distribution and communication of web content, tools, and materials of the movement, the majority of those involved with I Am Second are everyday folks found at businesses, schools, community groups and churches. Media campaigns organized by local leaders are presently occurring throughout the U.S., South America, Europe and Asia.


amazon.mission.01Amazon Mission Organization:  In ministry for over 25 years, the Amazon Mission Organization is a non-profit, inter-denominational organization dedicated to spreading the Kingdom of God in the Amazon Valley through partnership missions. We are bridging the gap between the church and the mission field. Radler Foundation:  The Radler Foundation is a private, Christian foundation that supports organizations serving our local community and around the world, with a special focus on East Africa. Established in 2009 in Fort Worth, Texas, our mission is to strengthen God’s Kingdom by practically demonstrating the love of Christ.


amazon.outreach.01Amazon Outreach:  In the late 1990s, Mr. Blackard launched Amazon Outreach to serve the people of the remote Amazon Basin. Through this organization, he constructed the Linda Esperança, a 30-meter riverboat, to deliver basic medical and surgical needs, food, and temporary lodging resources.


evangecube.01EvangeCube:  Mr. Blackard helped spearhead the EvangeCube, a resource used by ministries worldwide to spread the gospel and to make a lasting and profound impact on countless lives. EvangeCube has been an inspiration to develop a variety of tools that include a line of cause-based education cubes aimed at fighting some of the world’s toughest health and humanitarian issues.


edward.john.01Edward John Ministries:  Mr. Blackard serves on the advisory board of Edward John Ministries in Norway. Edward John is an accomplished musical Artist, seasoned Speaker, electric television Host and TV Personality. A notable Creative Associate Pastor, published Author and Columnist that has dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel on a global scale.



accessology.01Accessology:  Similarly, Mr. Blackard is known for his consideration of persons with disabilities. Mr. Blackard’s projects give meticulous attention to the needs of people with disabilities and physical challenges. He received the “Developer of the Year Award” by Accessology, a firm dedicated to accessibility for people with disabilities.


Mr. Blackard’s interests include a lasting commitment to protecting the environment.


us.doi.01In 2005, he was presented the nation’s highest environmental award, the National Wetland Conservation Award, for his contributions to the Delehide Cove Protection and Restoration project on Galveston Island. This project served to restore and protect approximately 400 acres of coastal habitat along Galveston Island’s West Bay shoreline. The award was presented by the United States Department of Interior.



army.corps.engineers.01In 2007, Mr. Blackard generously donated an island off the coast of Galveston for conservation purposes. He has also contributed to the preservation of over 1 million acres of land in the Amazon Rainforest. In addition, Mr. Blackard has facilitated seminars on Wetland Preservation for the Corps of Engineers.



Domestically, Mr. Blackard is involved in several philanthropic organizations including the following:


buckner.01Buckner Children’s Orphanages:  Mr. Blackard has volunteered with Buckner Children’s Orphanages and the Boys and Girls Club of America. Buckner International transforms the lives of vulnerable children, enriches the lives of senior adults and builds strong families through Christ-centered values. The mission of the Boys and Girls Club of America is “to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.”


minutement.01Minuteman Organization:  Mr. Blackard is a current member of the Minuteman Organization, a group founded to provide first-response assistance to those affected by catastrophic events. After witnessing first-hand the devastation caused by the EF5 tornado that struck Joplin, MO in May 2011, the hearts of a few men were ignited to create a volunteer group capable of responding when the next need arose.  Minuteman Disaster Response (MDR) is a first-responder support team comprised of well-trained volunteers.  Their goal is to provide significant aid to disaster victims and emergency personnel utilizing the NIMS ICS management system. Glass Prison Ministry:  Mr. Blackard has also been a supporter of the Bill Glass Prison Ministry, known for its high-energy Day of Champions and Weekend of Champions events conducted inside prisons across the country.  This organization is committed to their mission “to assist the church by equipping and igniting Christians to share their faith in Jesus Christ with the ‘least of these’.”